Contact us for a Ventura Restraining OrderA Ventura Restraining Order, including civil harassment restraining orders, domestic violence restraining orders, elder abuse restraining orders, and workplace violence restraining orders are heard at the Ventura Superior Courthouse and are held at 8:30 AM on Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesdays in Departments 31,32,33,35.

Hearings are also held Wednesdays and Fridays in Department 34. Applications for temporary restraining orders, which are typically handled ex parte (with only one side appearing in court), are handled in Departments 31, 32, 33, and 35.

Ventura County is located to the north of Los Angeles County and has a total population of over 800,000. Major cities in Ventura County include Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, the City of Ventura, and Simi Valley.

Unlike Los Angeles County, Ventura County does not have numerous satellite courthouses. Therefore, all restraining orders that originate in any city in Ventura County are heard at the Ventura Superior Courthouse, located at 800 S Victoria Avenue, Ventura 93009.

The Ventura restraining order process is generally the same as in all California courts. The person requesting the restraining order is always called the “petitioner” and the person the petitioner is seeking to restrain is always called the “respondent.” The first step in the restraining order process is for the petitioner to file a request for a temporary restraining order and request a hearing for a permanent restraining order.

After the initial temporary restraining order, whether or not the temporary restraining order is granted, a permanent restraining order hearing is set. Typically, the hearing on the permanent order, which can last up to five years in certain circumstances, is held approximately three weeks after the initial temporary restraining order hearing.

Unlike the temporary restraining order, the permanent restraining order can only be issued after the respondent (the person the petitioner is seeking to restrain) is personally served with the correct paperwork and notice of the hearing by an adult other than the petitioner. At the permanent restraining order hearing each side has an opportunity to present evidence and cross-examine the other side’s witnesses.

After all of the evidence is presented, the judge will issue a ruling, either granting the proposed order without changes, granting the proposed order with changes, or denying the proposed restraining order. Either side can appeal the result of the hearing. However, on appeal, only legal rulings by the judge can be challenged. Whether evidence should have been believed is not something that can be appealed. 

Ventura Restraining Order Resources

Resources for restraining order petitioners who have been victims of domestic violence can access the following resources in Ventura County:

The Coalition for Family Harmony: Domestic Violence Shelter Services is located at 1030 N Ventura Road in Oxnard. The organization can be reached at (805) 656-1111 and provides certified crisis counselors who provide safe housing, help obtaining medical treatment, counseling, and assistance with domestic violence restraining orders. Counselors also accompany victims to court for restraining order hearings.

The Interface Children and Family Services: Safe Haven – Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter is located at 4001 Mission Oaks Boulevard in Camarillo. This organization can be reached at (800) 636-6738 and provides women attempting to escape domestic violence a place to live for up to 30 days. It also provides help in finding permanent housing and emergency food and clothing. Finally, this organization includes a 24-hour hotline. 

Interface Children and Family Services: Safe Journey – Transitional Domestic Violence Shelter is also located at 4001 Mission Oaks Boulevard in Camarillo and can also be reached at (800) 636-6738. This organization, however, provides up to 18 months of housing for domestic violence victims and also provides counseling and help with obtaining permanent housing, assistance with a job search and help with childcare.