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restraining order petitioner sandra bullockActress Sandra Bullock was granted a temporary restraining order against a man who has been convicted of stalking her and breaking into her Los Angeles home. 

"She was granted a temporary restraining order Friday against Joshua James Corbett, of Montrose. In 2014, he entered her home and Corbett intended to sexually assault her, according to the documents.

 At the time, authorities found about two dozen illegal firearms and ammunition in his home. Last month, Corbett was sentenced in the stalking case and received five years probation as well as continued treatment at a mental health facility. He's been ordered to stay at least 200 feet away from Bullock and other people listed in the order."

As discussed above, Corbett had a significant number of guns and ammunition in his home in 2014. As a result of the restraining order and conviction in criminal court, Corbett must surrender all of his firearms to police or sell them (this is a condition of probation, a condition of a criminal conviction, and a term of the restraining order, which are all distinct from a "firearms restraining order," [which can be filed by relatives of a restraining order respondent or other qualified individuals connected to the restraining order respondent] where only the prohibition on firearms is permitted).

Corbett, the restraining order respondent, can appear to contest the permanent restraining order at a later hearing. Whether he chooses to challenge the petitioner Bullock's request is an option that can have consequences. 

Even if Corbett is given orders as part of his probation in the criminal matter to stay away from Bullock (in addition to other conditions such as "break no laws") for the entire period of probation (five years, here), requesting a restraining order (which will likely be granted for three years, the maximum term in California) is still a smart choice.

If Corbett violates the terms of his probation and comes near the petitioner without a restraining order in place, the consequence of that act is a probation violation. If a restraining order is in place and it is violated at the same time, a respondent could be charged with the separate offense of violating the restraining order. 

If Corbett violates the restraining order now (it is temporary but in effect) or later if the permanent order is granted, he could face serious consequences. While an initial restraining order violation is a misdemeanor, subsequent violations or violations that result in injuries to the petitioner or other party can result in felony charges being filed (which can then result in a sentence that requires the respondent to serve time in state prison [up to three years in state prison pursuant to California Penal Code § 273.6[d]]). 

*California Penal Code § 29800 (California’s “Felon With a Firearm” Law) prohibits anyone convicted of a felony in any state from owning a firearm or possessing a firearm for the rest of their lives. A violation of this law, separate an apart from any alleged violation of probation or any other law, can be sentenced to up to three years in state prison. 

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