Sumner Redstone’s former companion, accused of elder abuse, is challenging his ability to be deposed

Sumner Redstone’s former companion Sydney Holland sued by the media tycoon in October for elder abuse

Sumner Redstone, majority owner and chairman of the board of National Amusements, and majority owner of CBS Corporation and Viacom. Photo: Associated Press

The battle over Sumner Redstone's estate escalates as one of the two female companions he sued in October for elder abuse, Sydney Holland, filed a motion in Los Angeles Superior Court asking for a panel of doctors to determine if the billionaire is mentally and physically fit to be deposed in the $150 million lawsuit.

Separately, Holland filed a protective order to stay any discovery in the suit against her and her co-defendant, Manuela Herzer. Herzer filed her own stay last month.
Holland’s motion notes that in November 2016, just weeks after the complaint was filed on Redstone’s behalf, his attorney’s filed a motion for a protective order requesting that the court postpone his deposition, which had been set for November 8, 2016, because it would jeopardize his health and ultimately his life. According to Holland’s motion, “Redstone’s personal physician testified as an expert witness under oath, that Redstone could never sit for a deposition in this case because of his grave health concerns.”  Source: Deadline

According to elder abuse estimates, 2.1 million elderly Americans, nationally, are victims of abuse and neglect, while only 1 in 14 cases are actually reported. Elder abuse includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, psychological abuse, financial abuse, and neglect.

Penalties for committing elder abuse in California are covered in Penal Code 368(d) and include imprisonment upwards of several years and/or fines totaling over $10,000. If one has not already been obtained, a restraining order can be ordered by the court for upwards of 10 years, preventing any contact with the victim, regardless of whether or not the defendant is sentenced to prison time.

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