Monterey County obtains restraining order against ex-employee

Devon Corpus, a former Monterey County employee, was terminated and then confronted her former associates in public¬†regarding the termination of another former co-worker, who had since committed suicide. The county obtained the restraining order because the object of Corpus’ outburst feared for her safety. Corpus followed the public confrontation with texts to several people, promising…


Protect your online identity by opting out of sites like FamilyTreeNow

In addition to obtaining an order of protection, you must also have a good overall security strategy to protect yourself and the rest of your family from harm. One element of your strategy should include online privacy. Checking the type of information public record search sites available about you is an important task in this…


Domestic violence restraining order effectiveness

On December 18th, a 32 yr old mother in Domestic Township, New Jersey was murdered by her husband with a history of domestic abuse. The woman obtained a temporary restraining order and went back for a permanent order to keep her husband from her and her children. Robert Bianchi, a defense attorney and former prosecutor…